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Denture Repairs

At Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we are experts in all kinds of denture repairs. Our highly trained and experienced dental technicians can repair broken dentures quickly, whether that is replacing teeth that may have fallen off or repairing a crack.


The materials used to make dentures ensure that they are resilient and strong. While you can expect to experience some general wear and tear, this should not affect the function of your dentures. Larger problems like cracks, loose teeth, or breakages mean that your dentures no longer function properly and will require repairs. Damage generally occurs due to lack of care and maintenance, if the dentures are quite old, and sometimes just from an accident. Dentures should be repaired as soon as you notice any problems as this will prevent further damage from occurring.


Whatever the problem may be or the reason for the damage, with Cosmetic Denture Clinic's repair team your denture will be good as new again.

Denture Relines

Cosmetic Denture Clinic provides quick and highly effective denture relines. If your denture no longer fits comfortable or feels loose, it may be time to have them relined by our expert dental technicians.


When dentures are first produced, they are custom made to fit your mouth shape using an impression. As we age, the shape of our mouths and gums can change and overtime dentures will experience some general wear and tear. This can cause your dentures to unstable, insecure, and loose. At Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we can reline your dentures in order to improve the fit and stability, making them fully secure once more. By taking a new impression of your mouth, the fitting surface of your existing dentures will be matched to the current shape of your mouth and gums, thus making your dentures more retentive.


It is in your best interest to have your dentures reined as soon as possible. A quick relining will prevent any damages or breakages from occurring, and provide you with a more secure and stable feeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get new denture repairs near me?

    At Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we provide quick denture repairs from our fully equipped clinic. Our clinic is located at 4 Castle Hill, Carlow, R93 K8C6

  • How do I know if my dentures need to be relined?

    When you first get dentures they will feel snug and very secure. If your dentures start to feel loose or unstable in your mouth then they will need to be relined.

  • How can I make an appointment for denture repairs or denture relines?

    Making an appointment is very easy. Simply fill out all the necessary details on our online booking form. Alternatively, you can contact our team directly to book an appointment.