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New Dentures

From our fully modernised clinic, Cosmetic Denture Clinic offers a unique service to patients in the provision of dentures. Our qualified and experienced professionals have an in-depth knowledge of denture production.


With our state of the art facilities we can take detailed impressions from patient's mouths. These impressions can then be used as a template in order to fabricate perfectly fitted dentures, eliminating the need to go to dental surgery in order to have dentures fitted. This unique service offers a much more efficient as well as a cost-effective method of having dentures produced and fitted than the traditional route of having the process carried out at a dental surgery.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, also known as full dentures, replace your entire set of teeth. They fit snugly over the gums.


When we make complete dentures we are not restrained by the position of natural teeth so we have more scope to create different settings, whether that be a setting close to your natural teeth from a photo or a setting like your old dentures or a new look that we create together.

Partial Dentures

Partial, or flexible dentures, are attached to the teeth on either side of a gap and are mainly used to replace a single or a number of missing teeth rather than an entire set.


At Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we ensure that our partial dentures fit snugly in a patient’s mouth and are designed to seamlessly blend with the patient's natural teeth. We take great care to choose a tooth that matches exactly the shade and shape of your natural teeth.

Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are made using chrome cobalt frames to make dentures that can replace a number of natural teeth or replace a full palate.


The lightweight metal palate in these chrome dentures is more durable and is much more durable and much more resistant to wear and tear than traditional acrylic dentures in addition to minimising the accumulation of plaque. Chrome dentures have higher thermal conductivity than acrylic dentures so you can feel the temperatures of food and beverages. Chrome dentures are specifically designed to fit around your natural teeth, so they feel very secure to wear and the fit does not change over time.


Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for chrome dentures. In order to be a candidate for chrome dentures, you need to have a specific number of healthy natural teeth as they are used to support the chrome. However, patients who wear chrome dentures tend to keep their natural teeth for much longer.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are secure permanent dentures. These dentures make use dental implants to secure your dentures for a full set of natural-looking teeth.


A regular denture rests on the gums and is secured using an adhesive. An implant supported denture is a type of overdenture that is supported by and attached to implants. They are used when a patient doesn't have any teeth in the jaw but has enough bone in the jaw to support implants. Dental implants can be used for both complete and partial dentures.


Since the implants connect the denture to your jaw bone, implant retained dentures feel much more natural and secure in our mouth. Your bite, chew, and ability, to speak clearly will improve greatly. These dentures can also improve your general dental health and the implants integrate with your jawbone, keeping strong and healthy while slowing down bones loss.

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Registered with the Irish Dental Council

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get new dentures near me?

    At Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we specialise in new dentures, providing a range of services. Our clinic is located at 4 Castle Hill, Carlow, R93 K8C6.

  • Are complete dentures better than partial dentures?

    Both complete dentures and partial dentures have their benefits. Which one is best for you will depend on the type of dentures you need and how many natural teeth you have left.

  • How can I make an appointment to get new dentures?

    Making an appointment with us is easy. Simply fill out all the necessary details on our online booking form. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to book an appointment.