Cosmetic Denture Clinic 

CDT Qualified Denture Providers

Medical Card

If you have a medical card you are entitled to an upper and lower denture every five years. In some cases dentures will not be approved by the HSE if they deem that there is no clinical necessity.

When you are assessed at Cosmetic Denture Clinic we will apply to the HSE on your behalf. If you wish to proceed with treatment before receiving approval you may be charged for a private denture until such time as the approval is sent back from the HSE, in which case your money will be returned to you.

In some cases, such as emergencies, the treatment can be started immediately. However, in most cases we will apply on your behalf and inform you when the approval returns. The treatment can then be started.

It is important to be aware that if your dentures are five years or older that you can attend with us and your dentures will be provided for free under the medical card scheme.

HSE Approved

Registered with the Irish Dental Council

CDTAI(Registered Dental Care Professional)